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How To Create an Automated Selling Machine That Produces For You 24/7 WITHOUT Spending ALL your precious time prospecting 1-on-1 via social media, getting rejected over and over... or stressing out from all the techy headaches!

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get With The Automation Playbook  When You Purchase Today!

A 7 Module Training Course Designed To Help YOU Get More Leads, and Automate Your Sales and Sign-ups... Just Like The Top Marketers Online!

I have an important question for you...

Remember the day you got hooked on the idea of creating a home business? 

The excitement and hope you felt was radiating wasn’t it?

The thoughts and day dreams you had of being able to earn money from home, and FINALLY get “TIME-FREEDOM” to spend with your family, and do the things you love... they just kept running through your mind.

Do you remember the vision of what it was going to look like for YOU once your business “took off” and the time freedom kicked in?

OR are you like most people, who have been slowly grinding away on the internet trying to create this dream scenario day after day…

And the time freedom never seems to kick in! 

If that’s YOU, you’re definitely not alone. 

In case you haven’t noticed...the home business industry has quickly realized that it’s the promise of time freedom that grabs people. And why the heck wouldn’t?

Who doesn’t want that? 

And that’s why they promise it over and over again.

But then something happens…

You anxiously sign-up! You start working diligently on what you’re told to do to get new prospects and leads for your business. 

You spend hours and hours each night after a long hard day at work, posting on social media... prospecting one on one with people through messenger…

...who mostly turn out to be NOT interested in your products or opportunity! 

You post 2 to 3 times a day in Facebook groups, practically begging people to comment so that you can tediously sit there and private message them your links. 

And one day it hits you and you ask yourself…

“Wait a minute, where’s all this TIME-FREEDOM I was promised?”

If you’re working hard and doing what you’ve been told to do to generate leads, but you’re not seeing the income and time-freedom you were promised…

You may have realized that even if you’re making a decent amount of money... all you’ve done is give yourself a second job! 

Not quite what you were after was it?

If this is you, keep reading, because I want to show you the ONLY proven way you can fix your situation, and finally get what you were promised!

I want to let you in on a somewhat controversial secret that many of the gurus out there don’t not want you to know.....


There I said it. That's right... leads alone will not make you money, or give you the time-freedom you were promised.

And I’m so tired of seeing this lie being told over and over again. 

It’s misleading and it gives you the wrong impression of what you should be doing to create the type of home business you want!

So here’s the solution to finally achieve the “time freedom” you were promised! 

In order to get sales and sign-ups on a regular basis... you must have a funnel that works for you 24/7, and converts your leads into sales and sign-ups on auto-pilot!... 

Whether you decide to get up in the morning or not!

Here’s the thing… EVERY single top-earner you follow online... all have automated funnels and follow-up campaigns in place...selling for them day and night. And I am going to show you exactly how to do what they do...


Details of exactly what is covered in this step by step course

MODULE SIX: The ETHICAL Online Stalker Formula ($297 VALUE)

I’ll show you the sneaky (but ethical) method to keep YOU and your brand in front of your prospects wherever they go on social media. This is highly misunderstood strategy that very few people are using (much less use it right.) 

I’ll show you how to set up your pixels and make it so your competition doesn’t have a chance against you! (Works for any business and it’s easier to set up than you think!)

MODULE SEVEN: facebook Traffic Secrets The gurus Don't talk about ($297 VALUE)

This will explode your traffic, leads, and sales! I’ll reveal a little-known $1.00 per day Facebook ad strategy that anyone can afford to stay in front of your prospects. This strategy is a fool-proof way to make sure you prospects sign up and never forget you.



Ever come up against tech hurdles when trying to build your business?  It’s annoying and frustrating isn’t it? 

It can throw you off your game and slow you down. And it stops many people dead in their tracks before they even get started! But no worries, because we’ve got you covered so you can keep moving forward as you build your Automated Sales Machine! 

You’ll get a F.R.E.E. series of video tutorials to cover the annoying tech issues you’re likely to face while you build your first funnel.In other words, I’ll basically be there, holding your hand through just about any tech issue you’re likely to come up against! This way you can get to the profiting in your business FASTER!

Implementation mastermind recordings ($497 VALUE)

You'll get full access to the recordings of a private coaching program with just a few students implementing the strategies taught in The Automation Playbook.

Here is why this bonus is such a big deal. You will see me coaching them. Answering their questions and helping them implement the information in the course. This will be like I am indirectly coaching you.

They had questions just like you will and these recordings will help you on every level.

VIP Facebook Mastermind Group ($197 value)

You’ll immediately get  access to the official PRIVATE "Automation Playbook" Facebook Group. This is where you’ll connect with fellow students, and get constant support during your entire automation journey.

This will quickly become a place you go to first online, to get support when you need it from me personally, members of my team, and other students who are seeing success! 

Funnel Map PDF Library ($397 Value)

You’ll get access to over 30 funnel maps. These are proven maps, laid out to show you each step to take with your funnel in order to move your leads along the pipeline.

Which means you can be sure that when you create YOUR funnel...you’ll be on track to more leads, sales, and sign-ups. You can print them off and simply follow along. I’ve studied and created numerous successful funnels. These are invaluable for brainstorming your sales machine.

My #1 Email Follow Up Template ($297 value)

I’m going to just hand over one of my best 4 email follow up templates! 

You can change these up for your audience and offers. These are written with all the key elements that cause a prospect to take action and buy. These will ensure that you never sit down again to write an email and not know what to say! 

Following these templates will also turn you into a better email copywriter very quickly!


You will get SOME OF my best video scripts as well as some of my students who have gotten great results! 

These can be modified for your audience and specific offers. 

Following these scripts will also turn convert more leads into buyers and action takers.

What Top Experts Are Saying...

"Anyone serious about changing their life would benefit from Mark and his training" 

Ray Higdon

7-Figure Online Marketer

"I’ve personally watched him help over 1,000 students drive traffic, get leads, and get paid by following his game plan."

Brian Fanale

7-Figure Online Marketer

"Mark has helped us bank and extra $4k-$7k per week in our business" 

Todd and Leah Getts

7-Figure Online Marketers

"Truly I stamp my approval on Mark's training and his information and I don't make recommendations lightly" 

Tanya Aliza

7-Figure Online Marketer

"Mark gets my highest recommendation. I have never seen someone so committed and caring for his students." 

Norbert Orlewicz

7-Figure Online Marketer

"Mark is so full of integrity...... he is one of my favorite role models online" 

April Marie Tucker

Multiple 6-Figure Online Marketer

What Mark's Students Are Saying...

"Mark takes you by the hand and shows you the exact steps for MASSIVE RESULTS!" 

Ray Tarle

Online Marketer

"He pours all of his heart to everything he does, I personally own all of Mark's courses and they are top notch."

Vitaliy Dubinin

Online Marketer

"You are a great coach .... very easy to follow along..... well organized and clear explanations" 

Chuck Guyett

Online Marketer

"Mark, as always, you over-deliver!! Tons of value." 

Carlos Martinez

Online Marketer

"Awesome as usual Mark..feel like I could start my own olympics with all the hurdles I am jumping!!" 

Chris Julian

Online Marketer

"I particularly like your training as you never leave a stone unturned. You explain things so well ! I need that" 

Teri Moerschel

Online Marketer

"Has really taught me so much as a newbie to on line marketing!!!" 

Dara Lee Euvrard

Newbie Online Marketer

"I just wanted to jump on and thank Mark Harbert so much for this amazing program. It has seriously revolutionized my life! " 

Monica Perez Burnett

Online Marketer

"I have to say that Mark is a one of a kind trainer. When it comes to making it simple. Mark is a master at what he does" 

Bob Betts

Online Marketer


Automation Playbook 7 Module Video Course

$2,079 Value

Automation Playbook 7 Module Audio Course

$997 Value

BONUS: Tech Tutorial Videos

$497 Value

BONUS: Implementation Mastermind Recordings

$497 Value

BONUS: VIP Facebook Mastermind Group

$197 Value

BONUS: Funnel Maps PDF Library

$397 Value

BONUS: Done 4 You Email Follow Sequence

$297 Value

BONUS: Influence Magnifier Video Scripts

$297 Value

FAST ACTION BONUS: 15 Minute Consult Call With Me

$497 Value

FAST ACTION BONUS: 5-Minute Video Funnel Review

$497 Value

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Mark Harbert, 7-Figure Online Marketer