Only For Serious Marketers Ready To Go To The Next Level in 2024 and Beyond!

How to Turn Your Funnel Hub Into a List Building and Sales Machine with the Same Simple and Proven Strategies Used By The Top 6 & 7 Figure Marketers Online! 

Let me take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to do it yourself... even if you're brand new and don't have a blog yet!

Hey Mark Harbert here, 

Over the next few minutes I want to show you the fastest route to become a massive influencer in your niche, and pull in leads that come in like magic daily. 

I’m not  talking about just any leads...I’m talking about people who already feel like they know you, who already trust you…

And are literally ready to buy... before you even ask them to buy. 

In fact, if you do things the way I’ll show you, your targeted prospects will almost feel guilty not to buy from you. 

That’s what happens when you become an authority. When you create so much value that your prospects feel compelled to buy from YOU and only YOU... 

So they can solve their biggest pain points and reach their goals! 

Are you ready to finally make that happen for YOUR business?  If so, pay close attention to what’s about to take place!

I’m About to Reveal  How to build MASSIVE momentum, Skyrocket Your Business, Build a Rock Solid Brand... and create RESIDUAL INCOME just like the top marketers online!!

And to make sure it happens, here’s how I’m going to help you.  

I’m about to give you the same influencer building strategies I used to go from literally broke to $5-Figures a month within just 90 days (with a few $6-Figure months in between!)...

The cool part is that these strategies aren’t just proven by me, but by hundreds of my students and coaching clients. (You’ll see some of those in a minute!) 

Here’s just a few of the things I’ve been blessed to accomplish with the strategies you’ll know too...

Over 150,000+ leads for various promotions…
Sold millions of dollars in products (own AND affiliate offers) 
Personally signed up over 1250+ people  in various opportunities...
And have created massive influence and trust online!

And because of these influencer strategies you’ll learn with the ‘Funnel Hub Formula’ I’m about to tell you about... 

I’ve never had a month of income below $5-Figures since that initial 90 days back in 2012!

That’s exactly what these strategies have the potential to do for YOU as well... starting now!

Before we dig in too far telling you about this method, let’s first talk about...

Why Does This Strategy Involve Blogging?

Mark, it's 2024.... Isn’t blogging dead? 

If you’re wondering if using a blog is still as powerful as it was when I broke $5-figures in less than 90 days... the fact is it’s more powerful than EVER!

Yet because this crazy rumor is going around... very few people are blogging!

And of those who are...they’re simply not doing it in the most effective ways that I’ll be showing you! 

Blogging has only gotten bigger and better since I started pumping out blog content back in 2008.

"80% of internet users interact with both social media sites and blogs."

And an even more important stat for YOU...

"Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don't blog." ~

Just imagine averaging 67% more leads than your competition (per month) than what you’re generating right now. 

Pretty insane right?

And here’s the thing about blogging. When you create content the way I’ll show you, each piece of content you produce can pull in leads and sales for you 24/7 for years (and  years) to come. 

This is the residual income that you’ve been sold on when you started your home business. And this is the REAL WAY to make it happen! 

Which is exactly what I want to show you how to do! 


How To Drive A Flood of Traffic, Leads, and Sales To Your Offers Using a Simple Blog

IN THE Funnel hub formula COURSE you’ll find out...

The right way to set up a blog and turn yourself into a top authority in your niche that people trust almost exclusively! 
How to create high-converting blog posts that pull in leads for you 24/7 (while giving your audience tons of value that taps into their wants, needs, and desires!) 
My secret traffic methods that keep prospects landing on your blog posts for years to come… constantly generating residual traffic, leads, and income! 
How to strategically convert blog visitors to email list subscribers so that they become YOUR leads for life! 
Ways to multiply your overall income with little known marketing strategies (this is how I’ve created multiple six-figure months over my career!) 
How to 10X the results of every blog post you create with one simple addition that most of your marketing peers are missing the boat on (which I happen to be an expert on!)
And so much more!

As you can see, this isn’t going to be just another course that sits on your computer desktop collecting virtual dust...with zero action taken. 

Believe me I’ve been there before. And it’s no fun when you look back on all the wasted time and money. 

Nope! This will be completely interactive... and you’ll have support all the way through. 

This is you and me together working on one main goal…

To give you the skills you need become a massive influencer in your niche.  So that you can finally build the business of your dreams, and create the life that you and your family deserve. 

And YES! Even during these crazy times that we’re living in now! 

The best part…

The blog posts you create during the next few weeks will set yourself up to bring in automated leads and sales for years and years to come! 

Imagine fresh daily prospects, coming in from every direction, from every corner of the internet...who almost immediately begin to know, like, and trust YOU.  

All because you’ve built a rock-solid foundation from the beginning... with the effective and proven methods of content creation that actually gets results!

In other words, you won’t just learn how to get traffic to a blog where you give value, and get nothing back like most people are doing.

You’ll be able to pull in the prospects who are much more likely to buy your products, or join you in your opportunity!

Now extend that to the next 6-months or year... after you’ve consistently kept doing everything you’ll discover.  

It’s like creating your own asset that creates compound interest that keeps growing and growing for years to come! 

This is how you build an empire that pulls in MORE leads, sales, and sign-ups over time, creating a machine that you almost cannot stop. 

Check just a few of the testimonials from some of my previous Blitzes, Challenges and workshops...

...and there’s plenty more where those came from as you’ll soon see!

But first let’s get down to business here.

Does Any of This Sound Like YOU?

You’ve been struggling to get started building your business because you’re overwhelmed, confused or afraid of failure?
You can’t seem to get forward momentum because you don’t know the right things to do next?
You’ve run out of people to talk to about your business opportunity and your products?
You’re sick and tired of the constant rejection from friends, family.
You’re not attracting the right prospects for your products, services, or opportunity?
You’ve got no credibility or authority in your marketplace because of your lack of results so far?

If any of those sound familiar to you then you’re in the right place, because within the next 8 weeks all that will have changed!

In fact, if you do the simple things that I’ll lay out step-by-step during this challenge…

You’ll be well on your way to establishing massive credibility and influencer like status in your marketplace…
You'll have content bringing you automated traffic and leads to your offers for years and years to come!
You’ll have leads and sales flowing in on a daily basis 24/7 (and they WILL not stop after the 30 days is over!)
You’ll finally start earning real income from home (and maybe even stop the doubtful looks from friends and family!)
You’ll meet other people just like YOU (on your same journey) that you can trust, who may become biz partners, and trusted friends you can mastermind with to create even bigger future profits!

Of course for any of that to happen…you’ve got to do the work, and have the winning attitude.

And that’s exactly what a high-intensity action workshop and challenge will do for you!

You’ll see first hand that other people JUST LIKE YOU are starting to see success from their branded content and it will inspire you to get it done too...

If they can do it, so can YOU!!

Here is exactly what we are going to cover during this course...

Module 1: The Influencer Method

Right from the get-go you'll find out how to create your blog to build your brand, and become an influencer online. 

We'll dig our heels in and build the know, like, and trust that you MUST establish if you want ANY hope of succeeding. I will walk you through step by step exactly how to do it.

I'll lay out a proven strategy that anybody can follow, (even if you just started yesterday.)

Module 2: Blog Optimization Method

Right from the get-go you'll find out how to create your blog to build your brand, and become an influencer online. 

We'll dig our heels in and build the know, like, and trust that you MUST establish if you want ANY hope of succeeding. I will walk you through step by step exactly how to do it.

I'll lay out a proven strategy that anybody can follow, (even if you just started yesterday.)

Module 3: The Systematic Traffic Method

We’ll jump right in during week two and lay the foundations for you to dominate with your blog. 

Get a rock-solid foundation so you can maximize your potential, and start building YOUR audience with AMAZING content people actually want to consume. I will show you the perfect anatomy of a blog post that is sure to suck in leads and sales 24/7 even while you sleep.

If you want to be getting leads for 2, 3, or even 5 years after you create your blog posts, you will want to see this session’s training LIVE.

Module 4: The Sales Multiplier Method

Creating blog posts alone isn't enough to get you leads and sales. There are certain setups to make on your blog that maximize lead flow and sales potential. 

These are strategies the top marketers online use to dominate online.

I am going to strategically show you how to get leads on your blog, but I am going show you how you can multiple your sales with existing subscribers. 

Every blog post I put out generates me anywhere from $500-$1500 on average. I will show you why...

This is one session you don't want to miss...

Module 5: The Vlogging Super Charger

For this session I am going to show you an "Easy To Do" vlogging strategy that will take your blog post up a notch just like the pros.

This session will be filled with some serious strategies to help you squeeze maximum juice out of every blog post and 10x your results overnight adding video to the mix!

These are strategies I have used for years to keep my blog posts looking pro and getting leads daily.

BUT, you have to set it up the right way and in this session I will reveal it all.

Module 6: Advanced Strategies

This module is a game-changer, equipping you with advanced SEO optimization techniques to boost your blog's visibility and attract targeted organic traffic. 

We dive into a wealth of cutting-edge tactics to transform your blog into a revenue-generating powerhouse. 

Don't settle for mediocrity because in this session we unleash the advanced strategies that will propel your online business to the next level.

Here Are Your Bonuses

BONUS #1: My Blog Templates ($997 Value)

Yes, you read it correctly! I'm excited to share with you all the page templates and the precise setup that I personally use on my successful blog.

These templates have been meticulously crafted and refined over my extensive 15-year blogging journey, making them highly optimized and proven to deliver results.

The best part? It couldn't be simpler for you to implement them. Just get the same theme and page builder that I use, I will show you inside the course and you'll be able to effortlessly import each of these templates and customize them to your heart's content.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to turbocharge your success for a fraction of the cost to have someone build it for you. This can save you thousands.

BONUS #2: Funnel Hub Reviews ($297 Value)

Once you've completed the course and workshop, and put your blog together, I'll personally review it during one of our sessions.

The benefits of blog reviews are HUGE! Not only will you receive valuable feedback on your own blog, but you'll also have the opportunity to learn from all the reviews.

Take advantage of this incredible chance to enhance your blogging skills and gain insights from expert evaluations. 

The knowledge and training you'll gain from these blog reviews will be invaluable to your growth as a marketer. 

BONUS #2: Facebook Group ($297 Value)

This is going to make a huge difference in your success. 

You’ll get 24/7 access to the Exclusive & Private group where I’ll be posting videos to keep you on track.

PLUS you’ll have access to me, and your fellow members so that you stay on track, stay motivated, and keep driving forward for the entire workshop and challenge! 

THIS will change everything!


The 6 Module Course

$1782 Value

The Workshop Session Recordings

$1188 Value

BONUS: My Blog Templates

$997 Value

BONUS: Funnel Hub Review Recordings

$297 Value

BONUS: Facebook Mastermind Group

$297 Value




If you're the type of person who is ready to GET PAID, DOMINATE THE LEADERBOARDS, and build your dream business, then this is the next step to making that happen and put video to work for you...


In a few weeks from Now You Could Be Significantly Closer to Success with Your Business... Getting Traffic, Leads, and Sales Flowing in Daily from EVERY Piece of Content You Create!

(Or you can remain stuck, confused, overwhelmed… going it all alone without direction from someone who’s been there!)


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