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Finally... The Little Guy Can Compete With The Big Marketers Online Who Have Teams of People Repurposing and Syndicating Their Video Content Online!

Let me take you by the hand and show YOU step-by-step how to create an unstoppable flow of FREE leads... even if you're brand new and have never created a video before!

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Session One - July 21st @ 9 PM
Session Two - July 28th @ 9 pm
Session Three - August 2nd @ 9 PM (SPECIAL GUEST)
Session Four - August 4th @ 9 PM

ALL SESSIONS ARE RECORDED! You will get access to the recordings within 24 hours of the session, usually much sooner. If you are unable to attend any or all of the sessions, you can still get the training and all the benefits of the accountability too! 

A Simple Step-By-Step Blueprint For Creating 30+ Pieces of Content In Less Than One Hour Per Week For More Leads, Sales, and Signups

Get Registered For "The Video Content Accelerator Formula" TODAY!

and Make ONLY One Payment of $297 $97


What will life look like for YOU and your family by this time next year when you have an Army of Video's out there working on your behalf?

Will you retire from your job?
Travel more?
Buy your dream home?
Send your kids to the schools that you can’t afford now?

You’ll discover exactly how to engineer those kinds of results over the next 3 weeks during the Video Content Accelerator Formula...

Why a workshop?

A LIVE workshop will give you the training you need to succeed and then give you the opportunity to ask questions and get help to...

Start moving Your business forward…
Finally know what to do...
Stop procrastinating...
Push through long-standing fears...
And simply get busy doing the things that it takes to succeed!

Check just a few of the testimonials from some of my previous Blitzes, Challenges and workshops...

...and there’s plenty more where those came from as you’ll soon see!

But first let’s get down to business here.

Does Any of This Sound Like YOU?

You’ve been struggling to get started building your business because you’re overwhelmed, confused or afraid of failure?
You can’t seem to get forward momentum because you don’t know the right things to do next?
You’ve run out of people to talk to about your business opportunity and your products?
You’re sick and tired of the constant rejection from friends, family.
You’re not attracting the right prospects for your products, services, or opportunity?
You’ve got no credibility or authority in your marketplace because of your lack of results so far?
You're creating content every day but for some reason you can't seem to get any traction of people that want to sign up for your products and services?

If any of those sound familiar to you then you’re in the right place, because within the next 3 weeks all that will have changed!

In fact, if you do the simple things that I’ll lay out step-by-step during this workshop…

You’ll be well on your way to establishing massive credibility and influencer like status in your marketplace…
You'll have video content bringing you automated traffic and leads to your offers for years and years to come!
You’ll have leads and sales flowing in on a daily basis 24/7 (and they WILL not stop after the 30 days is over!)
You’ll finally start earning real income from home (and maybe even stop the doubtful looks from friends and family!)
You’ll meet other people just like YOU (on your same journey) that you can trust, who may become biz partners, and trusted friends you can mastermind with to create even bigger future profits!

Of course for any of that to happen…you’ve got to do the work, and have the winning attitude.

And that’s exactly what a high-intensity action workshop will do for you!

You’ll see first hand that other people JUST LIKE YOU are starting to see success from their branded content and it will inspire you to get it done too...

If they can do it, so can YOU!!

Here is exactly what we are going to cover during this LIVE Video Content Accelerator Workshop...

Session One: The Pillar Video Method

Right from the get-go you'll find out how to create your video as the foundation of your omni-presence strategy online. 

We'll dig our heels in and build the know, like, and trust that you MUST establish if you want ANY hope of succeeding. I will walk you through step by step exactly how to do it.

I'll lay out a proven strategy that anybody can follow, (even if you just started yesterday.)

Session Two: Syndication Mayhem 

Session two will set the foundation so you can maximize your potential, and start building YOUR omni-presence with AMAZING results. 

I will show you how to take your content and syndicate it around the internet with the proper formats that have maximum impact.

If you want to be getting leads for 2, 3, or even 5 years after you create your videos, you will want to see this session’s training LIVE.

Session Three: Repurposing Automation

Creating videos alone isn't enough to get you leads and sales. People actually need to see your videos before they can take action. 

In this session, special guest trainer Hani Maurra, Founder and CEO of will come out to train us on advanced strategies for automating your content repurposing.

He will do an in depth training for us on how to use software to save time, syndicate our content and get maximum results.

Session 4: TikTok Video Mastery

For this session I am going to show you an "Easy To Do" vlogging strategy that will take your blog post up a notch just like the pros.

This session will be filled with some serious strategies to help you squeeze maximum juice out of every blog post and 10x your results overnight adding video to the mix!

These are strategies I have used for years to keep my blog posts looking pro and getting leads daily.

BUT, you have to set it up the right way and in this session I will reveal it all.

Here Are Your Bonuses

Facebook Group

BONUS #2: The 6-Figure Influencer Method Facebook Mastermind Group ($297 Value)

This is going to make a huge difference in your success. 

You’ll get 24/7 access to the Exclusive & Private 6-Figure Influencer Method Facebook Group where I’ll be posting videos to keep you on track.

PLUS you’ll have access to me, and your fellow members so that you stay on track, stay motivated, and keep driving forward for the entire workshop and challenge! 

THIS will change everything!


The Pillar Video Method

$197 Value

Syndication Mayhem

$197 Value

Repurposing Automation

$197 Value

TikTok Video Mastery

$197 Value

The Course Audio Version

$297 Value

BONUS: The Short Video Checklist PDF

$97 Value




If you're the type of person who is ready to GET PAID, DOMINATE THE LEADERBOARDS, and build your dream business, then this is the next step to making that happen and put video to work for you...


In a few weeks from Now You Could Be Significantly Closer to Success with Your Business... Getting Traffic, Leads, and Sales Flowing in Daily from EVERY Video You Create!

(Or you can remain stuck, confused, overwhelmed… going it all alone without direction from someone who’s been there!)


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Get Registered For "The Video Content Accelerator Formula" TODAY!

and Make ONLY One Payment of $297 $97