WARNING: For the home biz owner who does not want to get left behind...

How to Tap Into The New Underground REVOLUTION of Lead Generation That's So Scary Potent and Automated... That the Tightest Circles of Top-Earners In the Home Biz Industry Have Desperately Tried to Keep It from Being Leaked! (Until NOW!)

I'm about to blow the lid off of this entire strategy – so that YOU can start pumping fresh leads into your business almost immediately...

There's a secret-weapon inside Facebook Messenger that you likely haven't heard about, and I'm leaking it to the internet for YOU to deploy and profit from right now...

From the Desk of Mark Harbert:

The truth is, I was a bit nervous to publish this page.

I'm expecting some very nasty emails...and some inevitable dirty looks (maybe even shunning) from the tight circles of online marketers in-the-know.

Because they would much rather NOT have this secret out in the open!

And who could blame them?

However, why should they get all the advantages? This pool of prospects is so MASSIVE.

Shouldn't YOU also be able to use a strategy... and the little-known tools that make it work... to harness the most populated social network on the internet? So that you too can pull in massive amounts of leads for YOUR business...cutting out many steps...within just 1-click?

I think you should! That's why I've put together an in-depth online step-by-step training so that YOU can...

Get High-Caliber Leads, Build Your Audience, and Make Sales... By Automating Facebook Messenger!

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Here's the thing...

The internet WILL eventually catch on to this strategy that so far has been kept underground. But loose lips sink ships. Only this ship can't be sunk. It's too big!

As of the writing of this letter, Facebook has 2.1 Billion active users, and it's growing by 17% year over year.

Each and every one of these users have a Facebook messenger inbox.

Even more powerful, is that 1.7 billion of these users are daily mobile users. Which means they get pinged right on their phone, wherever they are, when they receive messages from YOU.

In fact, 1 BILLION messages are exchanged every month. Which makes it the #1 most used messaging app in existence.

Imagine what you're missing if you don't dip into this flow of traffic.

This is a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE, constantly and eagerly awaiting notifications!

This strategy is so revolutionary in fact... that most marketers don't even know how to tap into it yet.

The New Era Has Begun and We're Entering a New Phase of Lead Generation That Is Already Out-Performing Email Lead Generation, Open Rates, and Conversions!...

Don't Get Left Behind... Join This Revolution!

Normal Price $497 TODAY Only...


This is a Full-Fledged 6-Module Course Step-by-Step Trainings so that YOU can download all of this information into your brain...without any fear of overwhelm!

Plus...as you're about to see...you'll get TONS of support throughout this entire training!

Here's What You'll Discover in This 6 Module Training...

Module 2: Bot Initiation & Deployment

In this Module we'll immediately begin to start marching forward with this strategy. You’ll start the process of putting your messenger list-building bot into action.In this Module well immediately begin to start marching forward with this strategy. You’ll start the process of putting your messenger list-building bot into action.

Here’s what you’ll find out in Module #2…

Module 4: Tactical Promotion to Grow Your Audience FAST!

In this session we’ll get started growing your messenger audience FAST. I’ll reveal promotional strategies that will convert like crazy, and turn interested prospects into hungry leads.

Here’s what you’ll find out in Module #4…

Module 6: The Famous Hot Seat Sessions

Here’s what you’ll find out in Module #6…

This module will set YOU and your home business on fire! I’ll spent 90 minutes…LIVE… evaluating what my students did with their bots. We’ll go deep into what’s they did, and you’ll see the feedback I gave them and how you can take YOUR messenger revolution to a new level for higher conversions, more leads, 10X engagement, and increased PROFIT based on what I shared with them!

This is a golden opportunity for YOU and your brand to get a TON of exposure. Hot seat training’s like this consistently turn even the most struggling businesses around FAST. (My rates for consulting on something exactly like this is upwards of $1000 an hour. You get it included in this training!)

Plus see exactly what happened when I put people from the beta-version of this course in the hot-seat! (Warning: Skipping this module will be detrimental to your Facebook Messenger Marketing!)

Plus see exactly what happened when I put people from the beta-version of this course in the hot-seat!

(Warning: Skipping this module will be detrimental to your Facebook Messenger Marketing!)

Come Join the Messenger Revolution TODAY!


Let's Go Over Your Insane Bonuses...

Everything I'm teaching you in this course is enough for you to create a life-changing income and become a massive leader with scaling Facebook Messenger. A to Z… all on it's own. 

However, I'm ringing out the rag of value on this thing… down to the last drop!

BONUS 1: The Messenger Revolution Audio Version ($297 Value)

We live in a busy world. Sometimes sitting down and watching videos is not feasible. That’s why I’m giving you the audio recordings of each and every module.

Listen in your car, while you’re working out, wherever you want to fully digest all of this information. The more you listen, the more it permeates into your brain and becomes a part of who you are. Which means the more effective YOU become with Facebook Messenger and ManyChat!

BONUS 2: Fan Page Mastery Training ($297 Value)

Your FB Fan Page (Business Page) will be the hub of your FB Messenger activity. Therefore you want your Page to be as optimized as possible to get people to take action, keep following you, and buy your products

I’ll show you everything I’ve learned to make that happen in this bonus.

Truthfully I could (and will likely) sale this BONUS alone for at least $97, but you get it FREE when you invest in The Messenger Revolution TODAY!

BONUS 3: 14 Messenger Conversation Starters PDF ($97 Value)

Sparking up a conversations with new prospects can be daunting at first. Unless you know exactly what to say to start and steer the conversation in the direction you want it to go!

That’s why I put together this special report that you’ll get for FREE: “How to Immediately Grab the Attention of ANY Prospect With 1 Simple Question… and Get Them to Open Up Like a Long-Lost Friend!”

I’ll actually give you 14 of these questions designed and proven to turn you into a prospecting machine!

BONUS 4: 30 Days Access To TLS INSIDERZ ($297 Value)

Have you ever invested in a marketing product, and then suddenly feel abandoned and alone as soon as you hit the buy button? 

You’ll never be alone inside the TLS INSIDERZ Private FB Mastermind Group! (TLS=Traffic, Leads, and Sales) What kind of revolution can you really have without an army of warriors on your side supporting you and helping you out when you get stuck??

You’ll have direct access to me, as well as your peers who are already killing it with Facebook Messenger Marketing for 30 days. After you purchase today, you can active your 30 days access for only $1 and If you choose to stay beyond that its only $47/month to get the coaching and help you need each month.

BONUS 5: Implementation Mastermind Recordings ($497 Value)

Everyone’s business is different. So implementing the The Messenger Revolution strategy is not the same for everybody including YOU!

During the beta-launch for TMR a few wise customers invested in extra personalized coaching to add Facebook Messenger to their specific business. You’ll get the recordings of these special sessions to give you different perspectives on how to use FB messenger in your business!

It's like I will be indirectly coaching YOU!

BONUS 6: ManyChat Flow Builder Training ($297 Value)

The ManyChat Flow Builder is an amazing tool that is the heart of the software. In this training I take you deep into the software and show you how to maximize it and how it works.

Imagine being able to build out your own customized bot campaigns for your particular business? You can with the ManyChat Flow builder and I will show you how!

BONUS 7: Social Media Ad School Course ($297 Value)

In this 4 module course I'll take you into my personal Facebook Ads Manager and reveal my own ads so you know exactly what to do for an immediate surge in likes, engagement, and fresh LEADS for YOUR business  (with as little as a $5 a day advertising budget!)

This course was created with the beginner in mind. The overwhelming majority of people have zero experience doing Facebook ads and this course assumes you know nothing. I am giving it to you as a bonus so you can expand your messenger marketing experience using Facebook Ads.

BONUS 8: Advance Segmentation Training ($297 Value)

This is a trick the Pros have been using for years to MAXIMIZE ENGAGEMENT & MORE SALES and it is rarely shared with the masses. In this training I show you how to do it with Messenger so you GET MAXIMUM RESULTS!

If you want to really take your messenger game to an entirely new level when you are ready, this is the training that is going to show you how.

BONUS 9: Facebook LIVE + ManyChat Training ($297 Value)

There is no doubt that the best leads come from videos. In this training I am going to show you how to leverage the #1 activity you can be doing on Facebook and get loads of leads doing it.

30 Day "Action Takers Only" Money Back Guarantee

I'm taking a unique approach to my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee that's only going to help YOU commit to being the true action taker that you must be!

So I'm saying “screw it” with your everyday cookie-cutter GUARANTEE that gives you the chance to back out of fulfilling YOUR dreams.

I'll gladly refund you EVERY PENNY of your investment IF you come to me within 30 Days of your investment and SHOW ME SOLID EVIDENCE that you've put this system into action.

In other words, only actions takers are eligible for a full refund after they have proven that they have taken the needed steps to apply the information I've shared inside The Messenger Revolution.

The truth is… if you're not going to put this course to use, then I'd rather you just click away now and not purchase.

The Messenger Revolution is ONLY for business owners who are committed to implementing this new profit producing system into their business, and NOT merely for tire kickers only interested in collecting more information that collects dust on their hard drives.

My staff and I will be strict on this policy – you absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.

There’s transformation waiting for you inside this training course, and since my main goal is your success, I’m not afraid to give you some tough love when it comes to holding you accountable to yourself, your family, and your dreams. If you want more information about our refund policy click here to view.

Check Out What My Students Are Saying About The Course...

Here's WHY this course is vitally important to your future in with your home business...

This May Be the ONE AND ONLY TIME You've Actually Seen Something “Ground-Floor” Come Along in the Home Biz Industry...That's Actually Ground-Floor!

The home biz industry loves to throw around the term “ground-floor”.

And as you've likely noticed... very few things actually ARE.

However, until RIGHT NOW...there's never been a way to generate actual LEADS on Facebook... which is the biggest, most used, most frequented SOCIAL NETWORK on the planet.

You're at the forefront of a REVOLUTION! So NEW & POWERFUL that very few in-the-know are speaking about it. That ends TODAY...


Messenger Revolution 6 Module Video Course

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BONUS: Messenger Revolution 6 Module Audio Course

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BONUS: Fan Page Mastery Training

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BONUS: 14 Messenger Conversation Starters

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BONUS: Implementation Mastermind Recordings

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BONUS: ManyChat Flow Builder Training

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BONUS: Social Media Ad School Course

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BONUS: Advance Segmentation Training

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BONUS: Facebook LIVE + ManyChat Training

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FAST ACTION BONUS: Attraction Marketing Training

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FAST ACTION BONUS: Auto-Recruiting Bot Creation

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FAST ACTION BONUS: Premium ManyChat Templates

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If You're Ready to Revolt Against the Old Way of Creating Profits ONLINE and Start Engaging With Your Red-Hot Targeted Leads in a Way That's Never Been Seen Before...

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Always in the Lab for YOUR Success,

Mark Harbert

P.S. RIGHT NOW is your chance to step far ahead of the crowd and become an integral part of this revolution that can completely transform your entire business.

P.P.S. In 6 months from now you could either have built a list of literally thousands of new Facebook Leads who have a deep connection with you. OR... you could be watching others jump far ahead of YOU because they were wise enough to grab hold of this amazing new opportunity.