How to Get a FLOOD of Sales & Sign-Ups Into ANY Online Business... (In Less Than ONE-Hour) Using My Simple 100% Newbie-Friendly ''Webinar Conversion Formula'!

(I'll Lay Out the Exact Step-by-Step Formula That Recently Earned Me $44,037 With One Single Last Minute 1-Hour Webinar!)

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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

What I'm about to show you is what the top 6, 7, and even 8 Figure earners SECRETLY consider the holy grail of internet marketing!

If you've been wondering if there's a better way to QUICKLY earn large sums of income from your home business (in 1 hour or less) then you're going to want to read every word of this letter.

Why? Because it's one of the only ways there is to earn more than most people earn in an entire month...sometimes even a year... with one single 1-hour event!

The best part, this works with just about any business.


Sell tens of thousands of dollar of your own products in a single day...
Earn huge commissions on affiliate sales with one “Live” event...
Sign-up dozens into any business opportunity in one day...
Get several high-paying coaching clients in one hour...
Bring in a stampede of new clients for any service you can think of (in any niche)...
...And it works even if you want to get a rush of PHYSICAL product sales online!

My name is Mark Harbert,

And I want to show YOU the exact steps I recently took to earn $44,037 in 1 hour. 

But that's not all!

I've done dozens and dozens of Webinars online and have made anywhere from $4 figures to multiple $5 Figures.

Besides the last minute $44,037 sales webinar I recently did, I've also had sales of $24,000+, $17,000+, and $8,000+ from one single event.
And I rarely pull in less than $3000 from ANY webinar I ever do.
Plus, there have been plenty of weeks where I did several webinars in a week. You can do the math on that one.
Am I telling you this to brag? Absolutely not! (Even though, writing the above does make me pretty proud I must admit. Especially after my humble beginnings!)
I'm telling you this because it was all accomplished because of my Webinar Conversion  Formula that anyone can use to quickly earn a flood of cash for your business anytime you want (or need!) 

Here's the Truth:
It Wasn't Always Like This for Me!

That's right. There was a time, not long ago, when the sales and sign-ups just trickled into my business. 

And when I say trickled, I do mean TRICKLED. More like a very unsteady drip at times to be honest.

Are YOU not getting sales and sign ups fast enough in your business?

If You're Like 99% of the People In the Home Biz Industry, You've Likely Run In to A Lot of These Same Common Problems Below...

You've burned out your so-called “warm market” and have completely run out of people to talk to (or you never talked to them in the first place!)
You've tried content marketing just like you were told, but you just can't sit and write articles or blog posts every single day...
You've tried prospecting on social media, but you've been strung along too many times by people pretending to be interested...only to be disappointed when you  got a big fat NO after all that!
Getting the search engines to notice your content through all the clutter online has proven nearly impossible (or just too darned much work and struggle!)...
You've created capture pages and long email sequences to sell your products or recruit business partners but you're tired of waiting 5 to 7 days – hoping that someone MIGHT eventually convert into a customer...
You just want MORE sign-ups and sales FASTER so you can finally start earning the income that you know others are earning online!!

Now I'm Going to Tell You a Little Secret That Others In the Industry Aren't Telling You (the people trying to sell you the systems that involve the things I just mentioned!)


(You'll see what I mean by “completely” in just a minute) 

Let me prove it with a little scenario you may have found yourself in...

Have you ever registered and gotten onto a webinar with someone trying to sell you on a marketing system like the ones above?

Systems that tell you that you should go out there and create a bunch of content, put it out on the web for prospects to find, or prospect online, etc...

...And then while you were on that webinar you bought the system?

Read the above again. ^

And while you were on that webinar, did you notice that you weren't alone? That there were other people watching as well. Other people who likely bought as well?

Now your wheels in your head might be turning a bit aren't they? I hope so, but while that sinks in, I want to tell you a quick story...

The Day a Fellow Marketer Straight Out Told Me I Was An Idiot...

I'll never forget the day, because it actually was a turning point in my earnings.
I started doing webinars all the way back in 2012. Yup, seems like a life-time ago in online years.
But here's what I was doing completely wrong...
My business partner at the time and I decided to change the game a bit.
Instead of just doing video marketing, we thought we'd crank up the dial. Make things more personal. To amp up the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor.
So we began doing live training webinars.
It was a good idea, but we were missing something huge that you're about to find out...
We'd get people on our free webinars, and train them on a marketing solution that we'd found.  We just showed them how to do it.
Yeah, it was great, because we'd built up some goodwill among our list of prospects.
They thought we were really cool because we were giving away all of these free tactics and tons of marketing knowledge that they could go out and use.
I actually felt really good about it.
UNTIL I realized that my bank account STILL wasn't growing.
My list was growing, but my earnings were still stagnant. Stagnant at a very low amount unfortunately. I was still having trouble paying my bills.
My wife was giving me doubtful looks. She made polite but biting comments about all the time I was spending online instead of with her. But not making money.
And I couldn't blame her. Because she was completely right.
Sound familiar?
Hmmm. What the heck was going on?
I was a “GO-GIVER!” It was all the rage, but why wasn't it working? Why was I still struggling?

I quickly found out what I was doing wrong once I spoke with one of my marketing buddies who was easily earning $60K+  a month doing nothing but webinars

Here's how the conversation basically went:

Him: Are you selling on your webinars?

Me: No

Him: You're an idiot!

Doesn't get much clearer than that does it? LOL

It was a blunt epiphany for me (usually the best kind!)

We were spending hours, sometimes 2-3 hours on one webinar. Training people in the systems we were using! Answering questions. But we weren't monetizing our webinars.

Then I realized what I hope YOU realized up above.

I'd been happy to whip out my credit card a buy tons of products on webinars that I'd attended!!

Webinars that showed how to get more video views.
Webinars that revealed how to recruit more people into my business.
Webinars that showed how to use social marketing to get more leads and sign-ups.

I'm Blowing the Lid Off Of This Whole Not-So-Hidden “Secret” RIGHT NOW!

How to Create a Fast Flood of Sales and Sign-Ups to ANY Offer In 1-Hour or Less (Over and Over Again!) Using...

The Webinar Conversion Formula

Special Offer: Only $497.00 $97.00

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This is a Complete SIX-MODULE Step-by-Step TRAINING Showing You Everything I Do Each and Every Time I Host a Profit Producing Webinar Event!

You've been left in the dark for too long.

So I'm going to pull back the curtain and reveal everything it takes to:

Bust through the fear of hosting webinars...
Get everything set up for a killer webinar with few surprises...
Strategically promote your webinar to get the MAXIMUM amount of registrants and make sure they attend once you go live...
Present your webinar in a way that you constantly build up intense interest and desire in what you're selling...
Get a FLOOD of Sales once you pop the question and present your irresistible offer (which I'll show you how to create!)
Boost sales with ninja after-the-webinar tactics (this can add thousands of dollars to your sales so pay close attention)

But Mark, I'm Scared to Death of  Doing Webinars...

Does the thought of sitting down in front of your computer, with the camera glaring back at you...taunting you, daring you to make a mistake...or say the wrong thing make you sweat bullets?  You're certainly not alone!
It's a real FEAR that nearly every single one of my thousands of students and coaching clients have when it comes to doing webinars!
The thought of messing up, saying the wrong thing, having people watch your every move is daunting! I know because I was the same way.
I've maybe never been so nervous as I was when I did my first webinar.
I was petrified!
But I knew what you should know by now...
JUST DOING IT can be one of the fastest ways you'll ever experience in your life to get a rush of thousands of dollars sent to you.
It's perhaps YOUR one and only chance to get sale, after sale, after sale coming in (in less than an hour!)
Imagine what it feels like to have sales commission notices...or sign ups pinging your email one after the other.
Faster than you can hit the refresh button.

Knowing What's Possible... Isn't It  WELL WORTH Getting Over This Fear of Webinars?

Are you thinking that this kind of cashflow rushing in could quickly change whatever financial burdens you have right now?
The kind that could let you take the pile of bills (probably sitting less than a foot away from you right now) and pay them off one by one.
How will it feel to know you have the money in your account to cover each and every one...
… with plenty left over to stay comfortable through the rest of the month and beyond?

I'll Help You Through This Fear of Doing Webinars Right from the Beginning In Module #1 of the 'Webinar Conversion Course'

Since the beta-group of people who took this course, I added what's become probably the most important module.

And I added it smack dab in the front!!

I'll give you the mindset techniques to bust through YOUR fear, and even be confident during your first webinar!!


Here's Why You May Likely Earn Back
Your Investment on Your First Webinar!

The truth is that I've done all the hardest work for you in creating this formula!

In the dozens and dozens of webinars I've done, I've tracked my results intensely.

It's become a science.

After each and every webinar, I've taken detailed notes and tweaked my strategy to pull out as much earnings from each webinar as possible.

(While STILL giving attendees massive amounts of value so they're ecstatic to pay me!)

Even with a few attendees, your conversions will be sky high!

I Want to Give you the Opportunity to Get Inside the  Webinar Conversion Formula TODAY for JUST
Not $1,097
Not $797

Special Offer: Only $497.00 $97.00

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Here are the details of exactly what you will get with each module


The #1 thing that will completely ruin your chances of success with this course is FEAR! It will stop you from becoming the top-earner that you know you can become.

I'll share the tricks and tips I used, and that I teach my highest paying coaching clients to help you get through this obstacle FAST!

Here's What You'll Find Out In this Module…

The REAL REASON YOU Feel Fear… and why knowing and accepting this is the most CERTAIN & FASTEST way to overcome it!
My 8 proven ways to get through your fears of presenting on your webinar and details on how to use all of them (this is your doorway to earn the income you've been dreaming about!)
(E+P+P=S)? The FEAR Elimination Equation that will set you free… not only for webinars…but for anything that you want to achieve in your life from here on out!
The 6 Fastest & Simplest Ways to get through jitters and nerves for your first presentation (this will help you fire up your webinar with MASSIVE CONFIDENCE!)
How to quickly connect with your audiencelook at them as a friend not a foe, and get them immediately on your side (You'll wonder WHY you were ever so afraid in the first place!)


In this module, we'll make sure you're absolutely ready for your first webinar! 

I'll REVEAL the things most people aren't showing you because they think it's over your head. It's absolutely not, totally doable by newbies, and ESSENTIAL TO ONLINE SUCCESS!

Here's What You'll Find Out In this Module…

6 Reasons Why webinars are the dominant marketing strategy and convert so darned well (and NOW you'll be able to host them like a pro!)
My secrets to come up with a webinar topic that your prospects will clamor to get on and how to hook them quickly (because it's EXACTLY what they're dying to know!)
The true goal you MUST focus on during the webinar process to make sure that your prospects are completely enthralled (and ready and willing to pull out their credit card!)
3 Headline Formulas that you can use over and over again to almost guarantee you get a huge registrations
Critical Elements of the Perfect Webinar Registration Page to practically force them to click the ‘Register Now' button!
What MUST Be Included in Your Registration Follow-Up Campaign to guarantee you fill your webinar up to the max…
The Best Webinar Platforms To Use and Why (and the ones YOU should avoid like the plague)…


You can have the greatest presentation of all time, but if nobody sees it…

In this module you'll find out how to pack every webinar full of anxious attendees!!

Here's What You'll Find Out In this Module…

How to quickly get a rush of registrations for your webinar with your existing subscribers (With just 1 click!)…
Why Your Existing Facebook Groups Are a Goldmine to boost registrations to your webinars (this will employ a persuasion technique that's as old as mankind!)
The 3 Types of Facebook Ads that work best to Super-Charge Your Registrations and get MORE PEOPLE to your webinars (steal these scary effective Facebook ads!)
The Super Effective Word List to use in your webinar promotions that will jolt your prospects into taking action and hitting the register button!
Proven Tactics to Pull in Last Minute Registrations right up to the minute before start time…
The 6 Automated Emails That I Use to get a flood of registrants, and to ensure those people get on the webinar (just tweak these a bit to fit YOUR webinar each and every time!)


This is the meat-and-potatoes of the webinar formula! Your presentation is critical. In this module I am going to share with you some of the secrets I have learned over the years that have put 100's of thousands of dollars in my bank account.

Here's What You'll Find Out In this Module…

Step-by-step instructions to Create a Profitable Webinar Presentation (Even… if it's your first one ever!)…
The Exact Presentation That Allowed Me to Close 40% of Attendees and earn over $44K in sales with just one webinar alone (Hint: I'm handing this right over for you to model!)…
A psychological trick that will put your attendees in a hypnotic like state and set their imagination on fire with what YOUR product can do for them
A sneaky slide transition trick that will subliminally increase the chances that your attendees purchase what you're selling…
Critical elements of your “About Me” slide that will let you quickly create a rock-solid bond with your prospects and get them primed to buy from YOU early on in the presentation!…
Advanced Influence Principles that will keep your attendees hanging on your every word throughout your presentation
Little-Known Urgency Strategies to get your attendees to take action on ANY OFFER right away!…


Do you know the simplest way to boost sales to ANY offer? In this module I am going to show you exactly how make your offer so irresistible they have no choice but to buy.

Here's What You'll Find Out In this Module…

The real reason WHY Bonuses are one of the most potent forces ever to increase sales to ANY offer (most people don't really know why they even give bonuses!)
How to Effectively Present Your Bonuses To Boost Your Sales (And why almost all your competitors will get this dead wrong!)…
The 4 Keys to make a bonus so mouth watering & enticing that often times your attendees will buy JUST BECAUSE of the bonus itself (this constantly happens to me and I now know exactly WHY!)
Tricks to Create a Killer Bonus Package EVEN IF you don't think you have bonuses to giveaway!
How to Jolt the Still-On-The-Fence Attendees to Take Action on your offers and even get them to buy before they get off your webinar!
The Bonus Resource Hack I Use Every Time – use my secret & handy resources that will allow you to quickly tap into quick and easy ready-made bonus packages.


What you do after your webinar is just as important as preparing for the webinar itself. 

In this module you are going to see exactly how to get more leads and even more sales than you ever thought possible.

Here's What You'll Find Out In this Module…

Why top-earners record and keep every webinar that they ever host (and how they allow you to earn you tens of thousands in ways you may never even imagine!)
3 Ways to Get Even More Leads and Sales Long After the Live Webinar Is Over (This is a huge but often ignored asset of webinars!)
A step-by-step walk through of my favorite simple tool for setting up your own marketing funnel very quickly so that you can bank off your webinar for leads and sales forever!!
Why you'll want to automate your webinars for continuous registrations, leads, and sales (Totally hands-off at this point!)
My #1 tool for webinar automation… and exactly how to use it… that will make all of your techie fears disappear (once you see how easy this is!)
The Proven Follow-Up Tactics that keep fresh leads coming back to your webinars over and over again!

After the dozens and dozens of $5 figure & $4 Figure webinars I've had experience with...

After all the testing and tweaking, and the real-world knowledge I've put into this course as you can see above...

With all the potential for YOU to earn more in an hour than most people earn all week, month, or sometimes even in a year...

And especially when you consider the time and effort I'll save you when from the trial and error you'll have to go through like I have...

And the fact that I'm going to help you bust through the fear of doing your first webinar (the #1 thing that holds 99% of people back)

You Can See That This Course Is Clearly Worth at Least $1097! Even at That Price It Would Be a Steal...

But WAIT! We Haven't Even Dug Into Your Bonuses!

BONUS #1: MP3 Downloads of Each Module ($197 Value)

If you're like most people, you're busy. Which means that you don't always have time to sit and watch a video.

That's why I'm giving you each and every module in a downloadable audio-only format so that you can listen whenever you want so this stuff sinks in! Your car, when you workout, while you're “working” at your 9 to 5!

Having Module #1 as an audio you can listen to over and over again alone is worth every penny you'll invest!!

BONUS #2: My Coveted Resource Library ($197 Value)

Throughout this course I'll mention ALL the tools, software, and even training resources that I use each and every time I create my profit producing webinars.

You'll have them all on ONE simple-to-navigate page, broken down by Module, so that you can shoot straight to the resource you need at the moment you need it!

Listen most people only give you half the story! Now you'll have everything you need to create success with the 'Webinar Conversion Formula'...all in one spot!!

I could sell this resource alone for $297 and it would still be a bargain!!

BONUS #3: My $300K “Perfect Webinar” Slide Deck ($997 Value)

Want the exact slide deck that created $300K in sale for my business?   

This is the type of stuff they tell you to never give away, but screw it! For taking action TODAY, I’m just giving you the perfect formula to set up the PERFECT WEBINAR right out of the gate! 

Get the exact slide deck I used to create $300K windfall, change it up to suit your message and BOOM! Watch the profits flow in. 

(What if your webinar did only 10% of what mine did! Would you turn away a $3K payday?

BONUS #4: The “I’ve Gotta Be There” Webinar Promotion Email Templates ($297 Value)

The key to an insanely profitable webinar... is one that gets tons of targeted prospects to attend! 

And the best way to do that is with a high-converting email sequence that gets your prospect’s attention, appeals to their deepest wants and desires, and creates urgency so they get registered...and SHOW UP!! 

I’ll give you the same email templates I’ve used to create a flock of attendees, and hundreds of thousands in sales! Just fill in the info about you and your webinar and hit send! Simple, fast, and profitable! 

BONUS #5: Public Speaking Extraordinaire Course ($297 Value)

Let’s face it. We’re not all born public speakers! In fact none of us are. It’s a learned skill...but you can learn to become a proficient (enough) public speaker faster than you ever thought possible! 

That’s why I’m giving you this course that will give you the secrets of becoming a proficient public speaker in just 3 days (even if you're a total newbie!) 

You’ll find out…

  • 6 steps to eliminate stage fright FAST! (even if you’re scared to death right now!)

  • How to deliver a high-impact message that practically forces people to take action!  

  • Little-known techniques that highly-effective public speakers use to consistently turn audiences into buyers

  • And much more! 

BONUS #6: The “Highly Classified” Implementation Q&A Mastermind Recordings ($297 Value)

After revealing the 1st version of the Webinar Conversion Formula, to the first group of beta-testers, I hosted 4 implementation mastermind discussions! 

These were Q&A sessions, hot-seats, and tons of extra webinar secrets to help action takers amplify results with their very first webinar and beyond! 

Bottomline! Being a fly on the wall for these mastermind discussions will skyrocket the results you get with ALL your webinars (including your 1st one!) 

What Top Experts Are Saying...

"Anyone serious about changing their life would benefit from Mark and his training" 

Ray Higdon

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"I’ve personally watched him help over 1,000 students drive traffic, get leads, and get paid by following his game plan."

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"Mark has helped us bank and extra $4k-$7k per week in our business" 

Todd and Leah Getts

7-Figure Online Marketers

"Truly I stamp my approval on Mark's training and his information and I don't make recommendations lightly" 

Tanya Aliza

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"Mark gets my highest recommendation. I have never seen someone so committed and caring for his students." 

Norbert Orlewicz

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"Mark is so full of integrity...... he is one of my favorite role models online" 

April Marie Tucker

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What Mark's Students Are Saying...

"Mark takes you by the hand and shows you the exact steps for MASSIVE RESULTS!" 

Ray Tarle

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"He pours all of his heart to everything he does, I personally own all of Mark's courses and they are top notch."

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Chuck Guyett

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"Awesome as usual Mark..feel like I could start my own olympics with all the hurdles I am jumping!!" 

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"I particularly like your training as you never leave a stone unturned. You explain things so well ! I need that" 

Teri Moerschel

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"I have to say that Mark is a one of a kind trainer. When it comes to making it simple. Mark is a master at what he does" 

Bob Betts

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As you can see, I've poured my heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into this course!!

I've left no stones unturned so that YOU can download everything I know about creating Webinars into your brain.

You'll have the potential to earn upwards of $44K+ for just 1 hour's work!

Once you get inside you'll see that there's 7.5 hours of training inside the 'Webinar Conversion Formula'.

If I were to personally coach you on how to create powerful and profitable webinars, at my current coaching rate of $1250 per hour... it WOULD cost you over $10,000.00 for this same info.

Add the bonuses I've added, and the value of this course quickly climbs to [VALUE]

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In fact, there's a good chance that if you follow this course step-by-step... you could earn your investment back within just your 1st Live Webinar! (Even if it takes two or three webinars...wouldn't it be completely worth it?)

When you get inside, you'll have the keys to finally change your financial future forever!

Give your family the life you know they deserve...
Pay all of your bills and live debt free from here on out...
Never look at a price tag or menu price again...
Purchase the home of your dreams...
Drive the car that you've always wanted...
Take vacations whenever you want (heck I know marketers who have done webinars during vacations  and cruises and earned HUGE PROFITS while on vacation!)
Or whatever YOU want to do with this flood of profit!

Everything YOU will discover in this course is the same steps I take each time I do a webinar and create thousands and thousand of dollars on demand!

And your prospects & customers will absolutely adore you because you're giving them MASSIVE VALUE throughout the entire process!!

If you're ready to earn more in 1 hour than most people earn in a week, month, or even year...

Worried you might get left out in the cold again like others have done to you?

I'm taking a different approach to my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee that's going to help YOU commit to being the true action taker that you must be!

I want to give you every chance in the world to put the The Webinar Conversion Formula to action in your biz!

So I'm saying “screw it” with your everyday cookie-cutter GUARANTEE that gives you the chance to back out of fulfilling YOUR dreams. I'll gladly refund you EVERY PENNY of your investment if you come to me within 30 Days of your investment….

As soon as you SHOW ME SOLID EVIDENCE that you've put this system into action...

The truth is…if you're not going to put this system to use, then I'd rather you just click away now.

I'm only asking for you to give 30 days to apply it ALL!

More on The 30 Day Guarantee Over Here

Get Your Hands on the 'Webinar Conversion Formula
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Special Offer: Only $497.00 $97.00

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